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Skiathos Island

With our charter yacht we offer you a trip to the calm Greek waters, with the ability to sail among beautiful islands, to moor in natural protected bays of rare beauty, as well as to visit inaccessible beaches and swim in waters of unique clarity and colour.


Amazing Island

This green island, with its tree-studded beaches and secluded bays, may be where Mamma Mia was filmed, but it hasn’t let fame go to its head

Discover Greece.!!

Port Skopelos.

The Yacht has all the comforts you need for a carefree, comfortable trip that will enable you to relax, enjoy immediacy with nature.


Your Dream.!!

Port Alonissos

A boutique cruise is a unique sailing experience that will take you to places you never imagine on a comfortable home-like ship.

Don't be just
another in the crowd

Fantastic Island

An amazing adventure in the picture-perfect Sporades Islands awaits you, so come set sail with us and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Cockpit Themis iv.

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Are you looking for a romantic getawayor a day at sea with your friends or family? Want to schedule a special event, birthday party, honeymoon cruise or marriage proposal? We can do everything right..

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Yacht Charter in Skiathos
The Greek island of Skiathos is part of the Northern Sporades, a small archipelago in the Aegean Sea, not far from continental Greece. With more than 60 sandy beaches along a stunning white-sand coast and crystal-clear waters, Skiathos is an ideal destination for a boat trip this summer. No wonder why the producers of the film Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan, picked this island as a the main filming location of this Hollywood blockbuster.
Skiathos is a green island full of pine trees that give to the island an idyllic and charming character. The northern side of the island is uninhabited and the beaches there are quiet and secluded, so highly recommended if you book a yacht charter in Skiathos. If you are looking for a bit of fun, the southern part of the island is the place to be.

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Wood Sailing Yachts

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Have we always named our dream?
The yacht is a pleasant dreamlike symbol of your family life.
If in your dream the yacht travels in serene waters to wait for all happiness and joy.
If in your dream you see that you are on the deck of a ship your future is brilliant.
The Seagull! It is always an interpretive symbol, freedom and travel, according to the dreamer.
You are worth of what you dream of. !!!
And from his appearance in the dream do not expect less.
With the wish to find everyone in Ithaca !!!


Holiday in Greece

Greece has long been known as a country of seafaring. Such glory the region got due to its proximity to three seas. On the one side Greece is washed by the waters of the Aegean sea, on the other - Ionian sea, and the southern coast of one of the islands - Crete - is washed by Libyan Sea. The geographical and climatic features of Greece made a trip on a yacht here available almost all year round. Sightseeings with a thousand years of history will immerse an explorer into the world of the legends of Ancient Greece.
The Yacht Season begins here in May and ends in October as in most coastal countries. However, the Mediterranean climate on the coast allowes to sell all the time. Winter temperature here reaches 8 degrees and summer degree ranges from 30. However, yachting in Greece is quite specific due to a huge number of mountain islands. A chaotic rotated wind is their merit. But in summer the sea is more calm, strong winds storm only in winter. Though, strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea - Greeks call them "Meltemi" - blows from mid-May to mid-September. However, the 300 sunshine days per year attracts travelers from the whole world.
Northern Sporades and Evia island is located on the east coast of Greece and the Cyclades group of islands is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Here are mostly small islands, such as Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini and Andros. And this is only a small part of what may surprise and please in this country.
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Enjoy the best places to see in Skiathos with a plan including Themis M.C.P.Y

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