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The Profitability of our Ship

Our delighted audience,

1. There is repeatability, this audience prefers us again and again. We are the ideal accommodation experience.
2. Our ideal audience proposes to us in their circle with enthusiasm and brings together family and friends who reasonably share characteristics with our ideal customer
3, The Cost: Our ideal audience does both direct and early booking and generates more direct bookings by recommending us. We do not incur intermediary costs.

The Image of our Ship
1. Better Reviews Generally, one is more likely to write a negative comment on Tripadvisor than to write a positive one. The counterweight is our ideal audience, who find it their debt to thank and support us with a detailed five star review. Such a review is of immense value because it could be the reason for future bookings.
2. Good Review Our ideal audience, if they have any complaints or criticisms, will share them with us and will not post them. It participates in our research to improve our services. It helps us become better.
3. Greater Engagement Our ideal audience engages in our channels with excitement and the excitement in social media is contagious to audiences that resemble our ideal audience. Participates more frequently, contributes to better quality posts, and shares our content with its cycle. They are also actively involved in any vote we ask for his participation and urge others. Turning our customers into our ideal audience has a huge impact on both our profitability and our hotel image.


Team Themis M.C.P.Y.

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