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A few words

Skiathos is one of the most popular islands of the Northern Aegean sea, and definitely the most cosmopolitan of them. Located in the Sporades group of islands, the access is very easy, especially from the cities of Northern Greece. The island of Skiathos is ideal for those seeking natural beauty and tranquillity and a vibrant night life and fun from their holidays.

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As one of the most important sights of Skiathos is considered to be the house of Alexandros Papadiamantis, who was born and lived on the island. It is a perfectly preserved house that operates as a museum, in which you can see the personal belongings of the famous author. Equally interesting is the Bourtzi, a small peninsula with lush vegetation where lay the ruins of the venetian fortress. The small peninsula separates in two the port of Skiathos, and has been used as a fortress, surrounded by walls battlements and embrasures. Today, Bourtzi is a full of pine trees place of relaxation with unobstructed views of the sea. It is also worth visiting the Castle area of the island, which was founded by the Inhabitants of the city in the 14th century to protect themselves against pirates. On site, 2 churches are to this day preserved, and the combination of wild beauty with endless views create a worth-visiting place.

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What to eat

Skiathos does not a specific local speciality, however the options and the suggestions of food available on the island promise to satisfy all tastes. Fresh fish and seafood are prominent in the cuisine of Skiathos, offered in abundance in the various tavernas and restaurants of the town, with excellent quality and taste. You can choose amongst the restaurants in the picturesque, narrow streets, in romantic balconies overlooking the Aegean sea or the traditional taverns on the beach. The majority of dining options  are in Skiathos town and in the areas of Koukounaries, Kanapitsa, Agia Paraskevi, megali Ammos. Finally, before leaving the island, you should have tasted the local sweets, with the most special being  the "white" spoon sweet, made with almonds.

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Useful information

You can arrive in Skiathos by boat from the ports of the other Sporades islands, from the port of Volos, the port of Agios Konstantinos and the port of Thessaloniki. There is also an airport that serves direct domestic flights and flights from abroad. For your transportation within the island you can use the KTEL bus routes, which especially during the summer are quite frequent, or rent a car from the rent-a-car companies on the island or lastly use the taxis operating on Skiathos. The local telephone prefix of the island is in the (+30) 24270.

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The island of Skiathos was most probably inhabited during prehistoric times, maintaining the same name from ancient times. There is not a lot of information about the island during the Byzantine years. During the brief Venetian rule that followed, though, the fortress of Bourtzi was built, which is now a landmark of the island, for protection from the pirates. The Venetian rule was followed by the Ottoman rule and then the Greek Revolution of 1821, with the navy of Skiathos having a significant contribution. Skiathos was the place that the first Greek Flag was made in 1807. During the Asia Minor Catastrofe, Skiathos was a refuge and the place of establishment of many families during the period of the persecutions, which led to the cultural and economic enrichment of the island.

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Skiathos has more than 60 beaches, which makes the island a perfect choice for everyone. In the southern part of the island, the attitude is more sociable, while the northern part is more tranquil. One of the most famous beaches of Skiahtos is the Koukounaries beach, also known as the Golden Sand, which is considered the third best sea of the Mediterranean. It is fully organized with taverns, beach bars and water sports, while the forest that stretches behind the beach adds to landscape of wild beauty. The beach of Banana, pine-covered and also organized, is the favorite choice of the youth due to the famous parties organized there. Right next to Banana Beach is the Mikri Banana (Small Banana) beach, which is equally beautiful but more tranquil and less crowded. For relaxing moments and dives visit the beaches of Mandraki, Elia, Angkistros, Small and Big Asélinos in the western part of the island. Last but not least, you should visit the beach Lalaria, one of the most beautiful in Greece, with the famous "Hole Stone", which is accessible only by boat.

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In terms of nightlife, the island of Skiathos is synonymous with the good mood, the vitality, and the partying. It is customary for the guests to spend their evenings, until the early morning hours, visiting the various bars of the island. In Skiathos there are two poles of attraction for the lovers of night life, which can satisfy all tastes. One is located on the eastern side of the town, after the marina, in front of the port, which is the main hangout area of the youth, drinking and dancing in and out of the bars. The second area is in the old town, in the western part of the harbour, with its popular bars playing all kinds of music and offering delicious cocktails.Lalaria28

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