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Thessaloniki - Sporades ferry connection from summer 2020

Thessaloniki - Sporades ferry connection from summer 2020 with cheap ticket

The ferry connection between Thessaloniki and Sporades this summer 2020and the integration of the route on cheap lines has been announced by the Thessaly Regional Governor Costas Agorastos. "I thank the Minister of Maritime and Island Policy Yiannis Plakiotakis and the Secretary General. of the Ministry Christiana Kalogirou, who after our meetings immediately responded to the request of the Region of Thessaly and we had this positive development that guarantees the easy and economic movement of the inhabitants of our islands and at the same time sets new prospects for their tourism development ", he underlined. Buyer. As the Regional Governor has indicated, depending on the outcome of the competition, they will begin running for the first time this summer:

- either 3 services throughout the year, with a conventional ship and a subsidy of EUR 3.8 million

-you 4 cruise lines only for the summer months, with a EUR 2 million subsidy

For the first time the Sporades enter the barren route and connect with Thessaloniki, which opens a new tourist market for the residents of northern Greece with significant benefits to the economy of the islands and all of Thessaly

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