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British tourism: The trends for 2020

Travel is a priority for Britons in 2020 and indeed an increased proportion in their spending budget, as revealed by the ABTA Travel Trends 2020 report. 27% of Britons plan to spend more for their holiday New Year, up from 25% reported the same year last year. en and Travel Counselors adopt a multi-channel approach to customize their services to meet customer demand.
Another trend is that Britons are seeking more authentic relationships with locals on holiday destinations and getting to know local cultural elements. .
This is why personalized services will be in the focus of demand. Finally, the social and environmental awareness of Brits, who want their visit to a destination to have a positive impact on the local economy and community, by reducing their environmental footprint is more pronounced. Following the strong growth of organized holidays in 2019, we can see that this trend is maintained for 2020 as well, stresses ABTA.
Europe remains at the top of the list of destinations intended to british in the next 12 months.

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