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New tourist label for Skiathos

The Municipality of Skiathos has decided to create a new tourist brand that will be used in tourist promotion activities in Greece and abroad.

The new brand will consist of an artistic and verbal part in Greek and English, that is, a logo, and can also be displayed image, regardless of its verbal part.

The new label aims to reflect the geographical, historical, natural and cultural identity of the Municipality of Skiathos, but mainly to promote its image as an attractive tourist destination in the Greek and international markets.

The above decision resulted from the need to use an effective international image. tourist exhibitions and activities that promote the island of Skiathos, inside and outside the country's borders. In particular, the new badge will be widely used in promotional, communication and information activities and in a variety of applications, such as postcards, email signatures, brochures and products as well as online presentations.

Finally, creating the logo, With a budget of € 24,800, in addition to its functionality and usability, it should draw attention and be captured in the memory of stakeholders.

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