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Island Hopping: Tour Guide to yacht in Greece

With 16,000 km of coastline and over 6,000 islands, there are few destinations better suited to island-hopping than Greece. It’s no wonder, then, that the land of figs and honey has been one of the most popular destinations for budding sailors looking to sail the Mediterranean for years. It’s the perfect place for picturing yourself as a modern day Greek God!

Think of the sheer variety of locations to be found across the many Greek islands, along with the region’s warm climate, and you’ll understand why so many boaters find a Grecian sailing holiday particularly appealing. Daily averages tend to hit the high 20s and low 30s at the peak of the season, which runs from late July to early September. If you want to avoid the crowds, head to the islands between April and June or late September to November. The seasonal restaurants will still be open, but you won’t run into too many tourist parties.


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For nature-loving sailors, the Sporades Archipelago is the place to visit. Aside from Skiathos, these islands in the west of the Aegean tend to be more relaxed and uneventful than many others in the Sea, making them ideal for a sun-drenched relaxing getaway.

If you love the beach, head to Skiathos. This island is widely considered to have the best beaches in Greece, with blue waters and golden sands dominating the island’s coastline. Despite the apparent tranquility of these beaches, the island is often referred to as ‘The Mykonos of the Sporades’ thanks to its bustling nightlife scene and a number of wealthy ex-pats. Due to the foreigners who have made the island their home, expect it to be busy year-round, making it a viable option to visit even out of high season.

For a real nature-lovers getaway, pay a visit to Skyros. This densely forested island is almost entirely covered by pine trees and is almost impossible to visit unless you have your own boat. Thanks to this lack of foreign visitors, Skyros has retained many of its traditions, including a week of vibrant carnival celebrations to celebrate the beginning of Orthodox Lent.

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