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To our trusted boat owner community,


It’s no secret that the boating seasons of the past two years have presented unprecedented challenges and obstacles for each and every one of you. A myriad of issues that include a global pandemic, unrelenting hurricanes, fires, chaotic weather events, travel obstacles, and local restrictions on business operations, have been huge burdens on all of us. The conditions for the travel and leisure space that we operate in have been not only frustrating, but nearly impossible to deal with, and we know that takes a toll on every single one of you.

Despite all of this, the incredible owners and captains of the GetMyBoat community have risen above it and worked unbelievably hard to adapt and still provide unforgettable experiences to renters all over the world.

With this in mind, we salute you and say - thank you. Thanks to each and every one of you for your fortitude and perseverance in executing an incredible season on the water. We mean it when we say that GetMyBoat would not be where it is today without the commitment and community that you all bring to this industry.

All of you have gone above and beyond to accommodate the obstacles of the past two years. You’ve modified your cancellation policies and waived fees for renters. You’ve expanded your offerings and been flexible in many aspects of your business. You have jumped through hoop after hoop. These acts have not gone unnoticed - we sincerely appreciate everything that you do for customers. This kindness makes a world of difference in our business and community and is something you should be very proud of.

In short, you are bringing joy to an otherwise dark time for so many. It is above all this joy that gives us hope. And often it is this glimmer of light, if even for the briefest period of a few hours, that sustains our souls.

Turning the page, we can’t wait to see what 2022 brings. We hope, and sincerely believe, that conditions will improve so that we can continue to provide unforgettable experiences to renters all over the world and support you all in growing your business. We have many exciting new features in the works to be released in the coming months to enhance our current offerings. But until then, thank you for a great season, we're looking forward to a successful partnership and season in 2022 with you all!

All the Best,


Sascha Mornell
CEO & Co-Founder, GetMyBoat