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In a seaside archaeological site, which will essentially be a large underwater museum and will be visited by a guided diving, it aims to transform the famous wreck of Peristeri near Alonissos, under the BLUEMED program,
the Ephorate of Old Antiquities, which, together with the Region of Thessaly, organized a two-day seminar on the cultural heritage and its management, which was attended by the Deputy Minister of Culture Konstantinos Stratis.
The whole project began to be of great interest when near the islet of Peristeras, Alonissos, at a depth of 25 meters, was found at the beginning of the 1990s and was excavated by the Ephorate of Old Antiquities by one of the largest shipwrecks of the classical era found in the Aegean.
The merchant ship transported more than 4,000 amphoras before it collapsed in the waters of the Sporades. The number of amphorae, the state of preservation of the wreck and the beauty of the waters and the seabed of the area, located within the National Marine Park of the Northern Sporades, make it a unique attraction.
For these reasons, the wreck of Peristera has been selected by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, along with other shipwrecks in Pagasitikos and the Northern Sporades, to become a navigable sea archaeological site with guided diving.
In this context, the EEAS and the Region of Thessaly, in collaboration with other institutions through the European BLUEMED project, are studying ways to deliver the treasure wealth of Pagasitikos and Northern Sporades to the public, the divers and those who do not have the possibility of diving .
Already in the area of ​​Steni Valla, weather conditions, diving by experienced divers, naturally take place, so that the attempt to fully exploit the underwater discoveries on the island of Peristera is beginning to take on the flesh and bones.
The deputy minister of culture, Constantine Stratis, said that "the uniqueness of the natural environment must be highlighted in combination with the excellent marine park of Alonissos, which is also the monachus-monachus seashore. Great archaeological treasures have been found in the wider region, among the dozens of shipwrecks in the sea of ​​Alonissos, which have to emerge and the ministry supports and contributes to the efforts being made. "
In the meantime, Mr. Stratis, in his speech at the two-day conference, referred among other things to the great challenge, which offers strong prospects for the entire country, to start visiting open-air archaeological sites, paving the way for a new form of development in the Greek region, is particularly suited to the physiognomy and capabilities of Greece. "The aim is that within the next two years we will be able to visit, but also to make important submarine monuments such as the wreck of Peristeri in Alonissos, perhaps the most important wreck of the classical period with 3,000 wine amphibians, through appropriate information and awareness areas, Straight.
Marine archeology is an important research area linked to the knowledge economy and innovation, as well as to a high level of cultural tourism, which in turn combines with marine - diving and ecotourism, said the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism added that it continued to create jobs and make a decisive contribution to the economic development of the local communities, with the ecosystem of each site.
For his part, the Mayor of Alonissos, Petros Vafinis, expressed his optimism that "the development of alternative tourism on the island, with guided dives in the marine museum around Alonissos, will give new impetus to the activities, beyond the established of existing tourism and will show the region even more ".

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